Iced Tea with Peach, Ginger and Basil

A delicious refreshing iced tea with flavors of peach, ginger and basil!

Summer seems to be playing yo-yo a bit… When I made this delicious iced tea, the heatwave was raging in the east of France and I was suffocating by 37 ° C: / Suddenly, a good scented tea and ice was the order of the day !!

Today, the temperature is rather around 17 ° C … well we can have fun all the same … even if I would rather prefer a good hot tea ^^ … Besides, where is what I put my little wool …

Image Source – Google | Image by – cuisine addict

To make this iced tea, I used a novelty that the Palais des Thés kindly sent me: “Vive le thé”, a green tea delicately scented with citrus fruits and ginger. Sprinkled with pieces of orange, this tea has a very pleasant and fresh smell, with a beautiful harmony of zesty notes and ginger. When tasting, we have a nice balance between the fresh and spicy note of ginger, the lively zesty notes of lemon and grapefruit and the softer orange notes. I sweetened the tea a little further with the juice of beautiful ripe peaches (you have to take advantage of it the season is short!) And agave syrup and I added a little herbal note with fresh basil. An iced tea to consume at aperitif time or throughout the day!



  • Bring 60 cl of water to the boil. Off the heat, add the roughly chopped ginger and let steep, covered, for 5 minutes.
  • Chop 3/4 basil leaves and place them in a tea ball with the citrus tea. Add to the pot with the ginger and let steep, covered, for 3 more minutes. Strain the tea then add the agave syrup and mix well to dissolve it. Let cool.
  • Meanwhile, peel the peaches and remove the pits. Cut them roughly then put them in a blender with 12 cl of water to obtain a smooth puree, if necessary add a little water. Switch to Chinese. Combine the peach juice, cold tea and lemon juice in a carafe and top with ice cubes.
Image Source – Google | Image by – cuisine addict