On the journey of the lobster!


During my getaway in Ivory Coast, I went to San Pedro or rather in the small town of Grand Bereby

Small town, very friendly with great discoveries such as our getaway to flat rock to savor delicious grilled lobsters in the barbecue style and to enjoy a beautiful beach with Caribbean decor.


Beautiful day which ended with a stop in a village to discover a very old colonial house.

20,000 caf / people.

I was fortunate enough to come across a guide who used to be a fisherman and who taught me a lot about lobster.

The Ghanaian and Liberian fishermen (because the Ivorians paradoxically only fish very little) allow fish to rot in their nets, which after three days attract lobsters who find themselves trapped in the nets.

Brave fishermen around 17 to 40 years old launch themselves using snorkling equipment found in European supermarkets and sturdy gloves in the water for a few minutes to catch their ocean gold, lobster (5000cfa / kg on resale)

Not without difficulty, because of the recurrent attack of barracudas which bite the calves or the back. And more rarely sharks.

They dive up to 8m with often internal concerns at the level of the ears which push them to reconvert as they can.

Lobsters, generally weigh between 1 and 4kg, although better large with a softer pulpit.

The lobster is caught once a week.