About Us

A little bit of me


My name is Mathieu, 29 years old.

Originally from Bordeaux and more particularly from the Médoc which I love with pride, I started my baccalaureate and BTS in hotel and catering in Talence where I lived my best years.

Cooking is more than a job, but a passion and a necessity since the age of 15 during this famous 3rd year internship.

I then went to tread Swiss soil for 5 years as a chef.

I am moving now to Montreal where I plan to open my restaurant with the invaluable support of my wife within two years.

I decided to launch out in a blog for pleasure after having seen certain bloggers having a mad talent both by their recipes and their photos.

I love generous, simple and lovingly cooked cuisine. Gastronomic cuisine interests me when I taste it in Michelin-starred restaurants. I prefer to work traditionally with a touch of modernity. I really consider cooking as an art. Like a painting to his painter. The taste yes, but the view too. I love my job because it is so diverse. Cook in a restaurant, caterer in a village hall, home chef in beautiful residences or cook on various events … So rich in meetings. We are far from the cook hidden in his kitchen, at least for my part;) !

On the mediatization of the kitchen, it is certain but we can only thank them for the proper image that the media have instilled in our profession. The jealous will say the opposite. Long gone are the days when nobody wanted to do this job. And yet the constraints are very real.

Black or white I am and I will stay. I like or I don’t like! Looking forward to sharing with all of you.